Business Windows VIRTUAL SUITE -- the powerful new suite of Windows software from U. S. Tech, delivers the tools you need to manage your finances like a pro. Time is money -- and Business Windows will save you both time and money - this world-class software is also the fastest and easiest to use. Free Trial
Email Videophone Universal Appliance - Stay in touch from far away... with U. S. Tech's Email Videophone · U. S. Tech's newest software, our cutting-edge Email Videophone Universal Appliance is an innovative new product, unlike any other. A great asset to your home or office, bringing communications to a new level with major new features: Don't let the price fool you, this is world-class software: Email Videophone - (email connecting), Talking Robotic Secretary, Call from your cell phone to have Outlook email, appointments and voice mail read to you! Answering Machine, Contact Manager / Internet Chat, Send/Receive Files, Record and Send Sound Files, Dictaphone / Translate Your Voice, Atomic Alarm Clock / Media Player, Spam Filter and more!

E-Z CALC Advanced features make it the fastest, easiest Windows calculator Virtual Calculator and Adding Machine with advanced business functions Point and click or use the number pad like any adding machine Scrolling tape on-screen Load to/from spreadsheet with the click of a button -- saves tapes and spreadsheets (& paper) Instant markup, markdown, measurement conversions Easy financial calculations for loans, accounts, annuities 10 memory banks Now shares data from any bank account with the all-new E-Z Calc iPhone app.
E-Z Banking E-Z HOME BANKING -- Twice as quick as Quicken at 1/2 the cost! Prints on any check! Instant check writing, posting, printing -- now with photo backgrounds fastest / easiest system in the world -- write entire check with a single click! Write and post checks, or simply total up on the calculator and load to the register Prints on any check and envelope, right on your inkjet or laser -- tear checks right out of your checkbook Maintain expense accounts, budgets, and vendor file, re-occuring accounts, runs summary expense report Keeps multiple bank accounts · Reconciles your bank statement Easy-to-follow on-line help · Newly updated version imports data from any bank account + new charts and reports.
U. S. Tech Network Multi-user accounting, electronic banking, inventory, shipping and warehouse manager, electronic mail software, electronic cash register, production scheduling and more ... the most streamlined software is also the world's fastest --easier than Quick Books, but more comprehensive accounting -- follows generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) · now syncs with Outlook · fastest contact/customer management · includes Salestar Electronic Cash Register · Communications Manager
U. S. Tech Stock Trader No need to constantly click that quote button, U. S. Tech Stocktrader tracks stock prices automatically, free, and in real-time! Set price alerts and the quote alarm will pop up and warn you when your stock starts to move.   Now includes TalkTime Speech Control with free stock quote cell phone voice alerts and free wakeup calls (requires voice modem)
Portfolio Manager Manage your investment portfolio with this easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet -- It automatically calculates your rate of return, for comparison with professional money managers, graphs your performance and calculates net income and account value.
Business Windows Investment Illustrator Forecast your rate of return with the Business Windows Investment Illustrator -- compare your results to the guaranteed payout of an annuity, or to a mutual fund managed by the pros.
Web Site Builder Need a quick Microsoft Front-page compatible web presence for your company? Get started here, then get Front-page to maintain your site.
Fortune Need advice? Get it from your computer. Great quotes from East and West combine to give your computer 'artificial' intelligence -- see why it's one of the world's smartest computers. Now on the iPhone.
Project Scheduler Get those projects on track by scheduling them on this Excel spreadsheet. The entire year is mapped out, displaying calendar months and weeks for more realistic project planning.
Explorer/File Copier See your source and target folders side-by-side to copy files without mistakes. If you have important files, that you can't afford to lose a copy of, this utility is for you.
E-Z Guide to Personal Computers Learn the Personal Computer the fastest and easiest way -- this U. S. Tech Guide is the most direct approach to learning popular software, including Microsoft Windows, Word, MS DOS, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Networks -- Glossary of Computer Terms and more.
MySQL Reporter NEW! If your company uses MySQL, you need the MySQL Reporter -- the fastest SQL report generator -- easy-to-use SQL with user-defined variables, accurate and reliable financial reporting, web access, for all your company's departments, with group-based access and security.